Zebra Chinese

Zebra Chinese

Zebra Chinese
Bukit Gombak

Dear Parents,

We sincerely welcome your kids to come and learn Chinese Language with us. We are located at Hong Kah North CC in the quiet town of Bukit Gombak.

We provide professional Chinese Language tuition according to MOE syllabus.

Technologies e.g., learning system on ipads, are introduced in our classrooms to facilitate adaptive learning methodology.

We look forward to assisting your kids in learning. Please kindly call 9760 9581 and let's talk about kids.


Dr. Roy



在武吉甘柏的山麓, 是我们的华文课室. 我们专长于教育部华文课程的教学. 并且我们引入电脑学习系统, 实现适应性的学习. 




(Brought to you by The Enrichment Classroom.)

课程 / Courses

  • 华文提高班 / Chinese Language Enrichment(P1-P6, S1-S4)
  • 口试作文和阅读理解班 / Oral and Creative Writing, Reading and Comprehension

日程 / Schedule

  • P1 Chinese Enrichment ($40/class)
    • Thu 6-7.30pm
  • P2 Chinese Enrichment ($40/class)
    • Thu 4.30-6pm
  • P3 Chinese Enrichment ($40/class)
    • Sun 11-12.30pm
  • P4 Chinese Enrichment ($40/class)
    • Sat 12.15-1.45pm
  • P5 Chinese Enrichment ($45/class)
    • Sat 10.30am-12pm
  • P6 Chinese Enrichment ($45/class)
    • Tue 3.30-5pm,
  • S1 Chinese ($45/class)
    • Sat 2-3.30pm
  • S2 Chinese ($45/class)
    • Wed 3-4.30pm
  • S3 Chinese ($45/class)
    • Tue 5-6.30pm
    • Tue 6.30-8pm (Higher Chinese)
  • S4 Chinese ($45/class)
    • Wed 4.30-6pm
    • Wed 6-7.30pm

* Schedules subject to adjustment. / 日程可能调整。


To book a trial lesson, please call / 报名试课请拨打