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How to subscribe to paid Chinese learning modules

Some learning modules, e.g., Flashcard, Memory Game do not require subscription. Just go ahead and use it. 
有些学习模块, 如 Flashcard, Memory Game, 不需订购就可使用. 

For learning modules that require paid subscriptions (e.g., Superstar, I Can Fly), please follow the steps below:
有些学习模块, 如 Superstar, I Can Fly 需要订购, 方法如下: 

1) Log in. 

2) Click on own name and view own subscription status. 
点自己的名字, 查看订购状态.

3) If you are a tutor or parent, click on "Sub Accounts" button. You can create sub users for your children or students and view the subscription status. 
如果你是一位老师或家长, 点 "Sub Accounts", 于是可以为孩子或学生创建帐号(户口), 以及查看订阅状态

4) To renew subscriptions, click on "Renew" button. On the renew form order what you need and proceed to payment with Paypal. 
要续订的话, 点击 "Renew". 在订购表单上选择所需项目, 然后去用 Paypal 付款. 



a) If you are a tutor, please request to upgrade to teacher account. Then you will have enhanced management tools and free subscription. 
如果你是一位老师, 请让我们为你升级成教师帐号(户口), 从而你可以自己拥有一些学习模块和强大的管理工具, 并且免去订购之劳. 


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