Singapore PSLE Chinese Paper Content Statistics | 新加坡小六会考华文试卷内容统计信息

Some very basic information pertaining to the papers is present here. They are analylized by 


Unique Chinese characters appeared in PSLE Chinese yearly papers. 


Each year, a constant number of about 780 unique Chinese characters appear on PSLE Chinese paper. 

每年小六会考华文试卷上的不重复汉字数均在 780 左右. 

Over the six years from Year 2012 - 2017, a count of 327 characters appears in every year's paper. While a count of 365 characters appear only in one year's paper. Total unique characters in all years sum up to a count of 1402.

从 2012到17的六年间,有 327个汉字在每年的试卷中出现,而另有365个汉字仅在某一年的试卷中出现。经年所有出现的汉字个数为 1402。

Unique Chinese words appeared in PSLE Chinese yearly papers. 


About 630 unique Chinese words appear on PSLE Chinese paper. 

每年小六会考华文试卷上的不重复词语数在 630 左右. 

Over the six years from Year 2012 - 2017, most words among the 1733 total appear in rare years. 

从 2012到17的六年间,很多词语仅在少数年份出镜。

Let's mine a bit deeper at the facet of quizzed words. Mosts words quizzed had rarely appeared on past papers. 


Register that we have till this moment taken each year's paper equal and yet to investigate the revolution along time. 




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-Singapore Primary Chinese Textbook

-Singapore Secondary Chinese Textbook