9-Sep-2017, 3.30-5.30pm, Lifelong Learning Institute (L5), Singapore



My dear friend, please be welcomed. 

1. This Course

Hacking is

- an intensive course of learning Chinese language. 

Hacking means

- We learn the language very fast and in depth.

- We don't quite follow the so-called traditional way. 

2. This Session 

- The 'Beginner-1' session equips us with 50 Chinese characters, a few words and sentences. 

- And as the name suggests, it is for the very beginners.  

3. Requirements

- Please bring your smart phone / tablet with battery sufficient for 1 hours. Wifi will be provided. 

- You need to understand basic English which is used to conduct the session. 

4. Misc 

- A warm up game you may always play with (no knowledge of Chinese is required) => http://dao.sg/guest/memorygame

- It is best to please be connected on wechat: chineselanguagesg .