Download the tool, run it and start to type pinyin with numerical tones, eg.,  ni3 hao3 and get it auto-converted into the tone marks. 

* The Pinyin Tone Input Tool works on Windows only. May you non-Windows buddies please step on to Online Pinyin Tone Convert

** For better looking of pinyin display, the Pinyin Font (from YuePuTang ) is suggested. 


a. 下载"拼音声调录入工具"程序 b. 运行下载的程序 c. 开始录入带数字声调的拼音格式如 ni3 hao3, 其将自动转换为声调符号. 

+ 拼音声调录入工具仅用于 Windows 视窗系统. 在其它系统(Mac, Linux, IOS, Android 等)下请君移步在线拼音声调转换

++ 为了拼音显示更美观, 可以一并下载使用"拼音字体"文件 (来自 悦普堂).